2001 Ford F250 - Electronic module issue

The General Electronics Module on my 2001 Ford F-250 has failed. It operates the door locks and the door ajar light. It worked perfectly fine before dropping my truck off for a complete paint job. During the paint work, all 4 door latch mechanisms were removed and re-installed. The door ajar light is always since I picked up the truck a few days ago. The right read door lock also would not function from the outside. The body shop looked into it and found that both rear door had a part that was re-installed upside down. They corrected that and the latches now work properly, but they could not fix the door ajar light issue. They sent it over to service and they determined the General Electric Module had failed.

Question: Could the improper installation of the door latches cause any kind of short circuit that would fry the module? The quote to repair even with a discount is $550. I can’t understand how a module would failed while sitting in a body shop for 3 weeks.

Normally shorts are protected internally to electronic controllers but… not always.

I think the evidence is fairly clear that the body shop whacked the module.

But it IS a 19 year old truck so if they pay half of it, I’d say take it and move on.

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The latches have very tiny and somewhat delicate switches in them which control the door ajar light and I suspect the problem is with the latch instead of the module. Yes they can be hit and miss and if they installed parts upside down in both doors I might tend to take their diagnosis with a grain of salt.

Most mechanics are not body men and most body men are not mechanics so that can create some problems at times. Electrical falls under the mechanic category and as a mechanic I cannot even count the number of times I’ve had to repair electrical issues after body work with disconnected wire plugs, squashed wiring, and so on.