Self Actuating Door Locks on Ford

I have a 2000 Ford Econoline van with 155,000 miles on it. Last week while driving in the rain at about 65 mph, the door locks locked and unlocked by themself several times. When I tried to use the lock switch in the driver door I seemed to get no response, then after several minutes of driving the locks started working again. When I parked the van later I tried each of the locks manually, and with the remote and everything seemed normal. Any ideas what is going on?

Water getting to the driver’s door module?

How about a door lock/unlock switch in the back with a package or cargo bumping against it?

First, the initial two suggestions are good. I have a couple more. With some models the door locks lock and unlock as a signal in the programming mode for the automatic locking or key-programming procedures. Maybe you have a malfunction that is causing it to go into programming mode. If you have a key pad on the outside of the door, it is likely that has started to leak and might be causing your problem.