1999 Lexus ES 300 - Locks me out

My 99 Lexus E300 will lock me in the car and I have to crawl out. Only on the drivers side, has any one had this happen?

The chance that anyone else has had this problem or will even see your post is almost zero . You mean the door handle does not work ?

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem for the ES300. There appears to be something that goes wrong inside the door. For now, roll the window down and see if you can open the door from outside. Have a good mechanic look at it.

Me thinks you mean outside .

Yes I do, thanks.

There’s a component in your vehicle called the wireless door lock control ECU.


This controls the functions of all the door locks.

And because of it’s location below the dash and the sun beating on the dash damages these modules, and you start having problems like yours.