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Remove Door Panel

SORRY GUYS, found answer on Thanks. How do I remove the passenger side rear door panel to gain access to the bottom of the window to jam it in the closed position, 2004 Jeep GC. Window regulator cable broke, window slid down, I pushed the window up & shimmed it with a door stop to keep it up. Replacing the regulator & cable is very expensive & I don’t care if the window works or not. I removed a screw from behind the inside door handle & from the grip cup (used to close the door) & pulled the top of the panel about 2 inches away from the door. It appears that something beside the snap-in clips is preventing the rest of the panel from popping off. Suggestion?

Door diagram

Autozone has most regulators at a reasonable cost. The regulator and cable come as a complete unit. You may or may not have to replace the motor. I’ve also bought them on line (ebay etc) but I’ve had a couple of those go bad before they should. They are not that hard to put in, especially after you have the door panel off.