How to remove leather cleaning stain from my car seats

A while back, I bought a leather cleaning solution and I was initially applying it to a cloth but a few times I forgot this practice and applied the solution directly to the seats. Days later I noticed a swirl pattern on the seat and I’m having trouble getting it out…any recommendations?

Contact a professional auto detailer and ask them to fix it. If you can’t find a detailer, go see the used car manager at your local dealer, and ask if he would share with you what detailer he uses.

Try the two-step Leatherique treatment. Be sure to follow the instructions, because you apply it in the opposite order you’d think from the names on the bottles. Best practice is to apply the first step in the morning on a day that’s going to be really hot, park the car outside with all the windows up to let it bake, then do step 2 that evening.

That stuff has gotten bluejeans dye transfer out of light-colored leather for me, and also keeps the leather in good condition long after it should have cracked.

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