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Turkey grease :(

Help -

I spilled turkey grease on my passenger leather seat last night.

I tried to get it wiped up as soon as I noticed it but alas the car smells like turkey some of it seeped into the seat.

How do I clean it up?

Sad in NOLA :frowning:

I’d take it to a detailer.

Yep maybe a detailer. You’re going to need something to cut the grease and if you don’t get it, it will spoil in no time and smell just like a rotten turkey.

If you can do what a detailer does then…;
A powerful shop wet/dry vacuum.
You may need to disassemble the seat to get it all.
With a leather seat …maybe…maybe it didn’t soak down into the foam padding.
With hot water and Dawn, Pour the hot water on and suck it right up with the shop vac…again and again.
The reason you’d want to take out the seat is to get all the way down where it ran to and even the carped if needed.
If it soaked into the foam you may need to take the leather seat cover off and do the foam separately.

After all that , since it’s leather , be sure to treat with a saddle soap or similar so the leather doesn’t dry and crack.

Leather is somewhat waterproof. The liquid shouldn’t have soaked through to the cushion. And saddle soap has been used with great success in cleaning leather for quite a while.

Unless it’s perforated leather for seat heaters.

I would mix a little laundry powder in hot water and use a dishcloth to clean the seat. Rinse with warm water and then condition the leather with a good lanolin leather conditioner.

Or use any automotive leather cleaner/conditioner.

If this doesn’t work, you might be money ahead swapping out your seat for one from a junkyard, they’re pretty easy to replace, and it might save $$ compared to having somebody disassemble and clean the seat, if it comes to that.

You could rent a steam cleaner like the rug doctor and use the attachment for upholstery. The steam will melt the grease so that it can be vacuumed out. The use a conditioner.

Thanks for all of the great advice! I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Sadly the old dog kicked the bucket a few years back…so i’m of ne help.

He could lick the leather right off those seats.
Then you’d only have to remove a gallon of dog slobber.