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How to clean leather

I just bought a new Honda Pilot and it has tan leather. I’ve only had it 3 weeks and I noticed the drivers seat is getting a little dirty. I don’t wear dirty clothes and take good care of it. What products do you recommend?

Any of the name brand leather care products at you local AutoZone, PepBoys, Advance Auto type stores. Maguires and Mothers are good. Lexol is a premium brand. If its realy dirty get a leather cleaner and follow that with a leather conditioner. Just follow the label directions.

I found that Armor All leather cleaner/conditioner works great. They come out like premoistened wipes, and do a great job of cleaning as well as conditioning the leather. I used it every few months on my 2006 F-150 and couldn’t be happier with the product. But I also think most if not all name brand products will work as well. The armor all is just more convenient than some.

Thanks for the replies. I just didn’t expect it to get dirty so soon and I’m not getting into it with grease stained pants.

I’ve been happy with Lexol.

I’ve heard of some issues with dye from jeans coming off on Acura and Honda seats. If that’s what happening to you, Lexol probably won’t help.

That makes sense because I wear jeans all the time. I don’t think I can put seat covers on because of the side airbags. Should I just lay a towel on the seat?

Your owner’s manual undoubtedly has a section on care of the upholstery. It may recommend a specific cleaner or against leather cleaner entirely. The manual for my Pacifica, for example, recommends a damp cloth!

Use a towel on the seat until you figure this out.

If the leather is good quality, any leather product might work. If your car were a Saturn, nothing would help. I had to use Simple Green to even make a dent in the job. Baby wipes worked a little.