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1993 Escort LH CV stuck fast

I’ve done severl axle half shaft replacements on Toyota, Oldsmobile, etc. But the Escort takes the cake. This job has been an absolute bear. I’ve never seen a halfshaft stuck like this one. I’ve used all kinds of pry bars, even bought the special slide hammer adapter, OTC 7507; even made a longer slide bar for more force. If I put more force on this joint, I’m afraid I’ll break out the whole side of the differential. Can’t get to it from the other side because of a pin that supports the side gears. Tried two pry bars. I’m hearing about a tool that goes around the diff. center pin and compresses the retaining ring, but can’t find one. It would have to be very thin, indeed. Tried pry bar pressure with an air hammer to get a vibration going. So far, I’m 100% of nowhere trying to get the CV joint out. The RH side just about jumped out. Everything I’m finding indicates this is an ongoing problem with these cars, and tempos, etc. There must be a procedure I’m not thinking of that will get this shaft out. The next thing I can think is to take the whole transaxle out, but I’d sure rather not until I can’t find any other ideas. The diff casting doesn’t lend itself to getting a really good bite with a huge hook shaped pry bar, but I’m afraid if I could get a good bite, I’d break the casting as tight as this is. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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snap-on makes the special tool,but it does not compress the Cir-clip,it does allow you to use a hammer from the oppositite side,it has a slot cut in the center to clear the carrier pinion shaft.there are 2 different sizes,so be sure you get the correct one.

hope that helps

To remove the left halfshaft you first must remove the right halfshaft. Then a special tool is inserted into the right side of the transaxle to knock out the left halfshaft. Also, once the halfshafts are removed, special plugs have to be inserted into the transaxle so that the side gears don’t fall out of position.