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How to make gas pedal more responsive?

I have test driven several cars recently and noticed that the gas pedal on some is much more responsive than others. For example the subaru legacy gas pedal is more responsive than the one on my car. You just barely touch it and the car is accelerating alot. Since I have tendinitis in my right ankle which can cause pain when driving, especially on longer drives, I prefer to have a gas pedal that is more responsive and takes less pressure to step on to make the car accelerate. There has been previously some good advice here that thanks to you I have been able to make my brakes more responsive and I am wondering if it is possible to also make my gas pedal more responsive in my 2011 honda accord?

More responsive or lighter on the pedal pressure? From your text, it seems like responsive is not the right word.

This is what you want:

Brilliant device. The amount of liability the seller is exposing themself to is huge, however.

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Mustangman, I feel like either a more responsive or lighter on the pedal pressure would both help, but I think ideally what I am looking for is that the gas pedal would require less force to press and hold down. Would the pedal commander you linked do that?

No, it only doctors the response to the engine. If what you want is a lighter spring, you’d have to replace the spring in the pedal assembly. The amount of lawyers in our country will probably stop any shop from doing that.

So would the pedal commander make the gas pedal more like the subaru legacy I drove meaning that you don’t have top press as far down to make the car accelerate?

Probably not and at 300.00 why take a chance.
What happened to the left foot accelerator idea.

Also how do you remove the trim area around the gas pedal to install the pedal commander?

No idea what your car looks like around the pedal area. Usually there is a plastic panel that is held on with screws snap-ins of some sort. Locating the device depends on space.

??? This just plugs in, no modifications to the area around the pedal needed

Carbureted or fuel injected?

Throttle body binding (fuel injected)

Bad throttle cable (both carb and fuel injected)

Too strong of a throttle return spring (both)

Binding throttle plates (carb)

Floor mat under accelerator pedal (both)

Binding linkage at pedal (both)

those are the reasons why it might be stiff.

The reason for wanting an easier to push and hold throttle is Matt357’s tendinitis. As stated in the opening post. Here’s your participation trophy, for trying, so hard. :trophy:

A 2011 Accord is definitely fuel-injected.

Does your car have Cruise Control?

Donna, did you not read that the person has a physical problem and there is nothing wrong with the accelerator pedal ?