Gas pedal tension

I have a new Chevy Equinox, and one thing that bothers me is that the gas pedal doesn’t have much tension, i.e., if I lightly touch my foot on it, it continues to depress. So, I have angle sort of hold my foot back. This may not seem like a big deal, but I’m a tall person, and my legs and feet are already contorted in the car to work the pedals, and having to angle my foot back just makes things more uncomfortable for me. My question is, can the tension on the gas pedal be adjusted (increased) so it’s more like the gas pedal in my Jeep?

Didnt you test drive this vehicle before you bought it? Then you could see if the vehicle and you agree. The salesman could have picked up the phone and called service and had an answer to your question in minutes. If the Dealer says no way maybe a speciality shop that modifies vehicles for the disabled could be of help. A bussiness must stay aware of liability issues.

I did test drive the car, but evidently not long enough. It doesn’t get uncomfortable until I’ve been driving it for about 15 minutes. I sent an e-amil to the salesman a few days ago, but haven’t gotten a reply yet (although I’ve received a couple more of his form e-mails trying to sell me a car).

You could put a spring or a cushon behind the pedal, but when it falls out and stops you from using your brake pedal and you run over the escort in front of you don’t blame me.

There are still Escorts on the road?