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Quirky gas pedal issue

Hi all,

For two years I’ve been driving an '03 Mazada protege. Nothing wrong with it except for a quirky issue I have with it:

The gas pedal is more sensitive and doesn’t hold the desired speed like other cars I’m used to. On most cars I’ve driven, when I accelerate to my desired speed, I can then almost completely remove pressure (dorisflex my ankle) from the pedal and the car will hold the desired speed until I choose to press the brake.

However, on my Mazada when I remove pressure from the gas pedal it quite quickly begins to deccelerate. So I have to constantly be conscious of keeping my ankle flexed ever so slightly, in order to keep the pedal from deccelerating. Conversely, if I rest my foot on the pedal without active pressure, the car will continue to accelerate until I hit the floor.

I think I have to chalk this up to individual differences in terms of the type of car and my tolerance for this, though it does make long road trips annoying and quite painful on my ankle and lower leg.

Anyway to adjust my pedal?

Thanks, Chris

Don’t know, but first, is this a simple cable operated accelerator or an electric “Fly by Wire” throttle?.

If cable operated, you might change the return spring at teh throttle end, if FBW, you might want to checkif there are any software upgrades as it may have a “hunting” problem by (poor) design.

Does this car have a manual transmission, and, if so, is this your first manual transmission car?

My wife’s 2008 Altima with a CVT also has this effect, BTW.