Can I add resistance to the gas pedal on a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Can gas pedal on newer cars be adjusted to have more resistance ?

Not really. There is no adjustment and the pedal is not even connected to the engine with a mechanical cable anymore. A clever tech could probably rig up an additional spring in the pedal assembly, though.

I don’t think so, and I wouldn’t want to mess with it, what if the ‘add-on’ jammed?

there’s no way I would agree to modify the accelerator pedal . . . I suspect a lot of the other professional mechanics would also refuse


Thank you for your response I am hoping where pedal pivots on a bolt bushing with some sort of spring can be added or changed.

I know what your saying I’m going to a guy that’s been machanic for 30 years hoping a spring where it pivots on a bolt or bushing can be changed.

If that is the case, I would be more inclined to change out a part rather then add anything that was not intended to be there. This has to be a concern voiced by other owners as well. It might be worth a call to a regional representative or the factory for a little tech advice. I might visit the parts department at your dealership for a diagram of the linkage involved.

I don’t see why not. It’s probably already using a reverse tension spring to return the pedal up, just make it a bigger spring. That won’t mess with the electronics, so long as you don’t change the “Released” position.

It’s drive by wire, right? May not be an easily accessed spring.

Ever hear of liability . . . ?!

If you modify the accelerator pedal and an accident occurs, I imagine that would be an attorney’s dream come true :moneybag:

Here’s what the accelerator pedal/position sensor looks like.

It’s an electronic component that I wouldn’t mess with.


Yeah. Fuggedaboudit…

Make sure the spring that’s supposed to be there hasn’t fallen off. The spring on my Corolla’s clutch pedal fell off; either that or it was never attached to both mounting points at the factory in the first place.

There’s no external spring, looks like.

Just curious, with no spring, what makes it pop back up then, when your foot releases the gas pedal? There is a spring, but it is inside an ass’y and can’t be accessed?

Ya think George?

Or doncha?