How to disconnect security system 1999 jeep

put new battery,has key circle &bar in dash lights,will not crank, dealer says lost memory $70+ to reprogram +tow BUT could be security system $300 to 1000+ it adds up quickly to more than value. am unemployed need it to look for job. thanks

An Automotive Alarm and Security shop is what you need. It might cost less than $200. Look in the Yellow Pages for a shop.

There is no easy fix for this. The PCM controls fuel and spark, if the security system does not see the proper reference then it has the PCM shut down the ignition system and fuel system.

The components involved are many, the PCM, EMIC(instrument cluster), SKIM(security key immoblizer module) SKIS(security key immoblizer system), SKIS Transponder, lock cylinder, ignition switch. A fault with any one of these components can cause the system to activate.

You will probably have to have the system checked in order to get it working again.