New batt jeep does not recognize key,will not start

Help!! My 1999 jeep had a dead battery for several weeks. Put in new battery. Dash light of a key with circle around it & line through it appeared. jeep will not crank

Your cars computer has forgotten everything, including the code in your anti-theft system key…Chances are, you will have to have it towed to a dealer so they can re-educate the computer. Call first, they may tell you the magic over the phone but I doubt it…Try this. Insert your key and turn it on. Then disconnect the battery for a few seconds and reconnect, leaving the key on. It’s worth a try…

Thanks, I will try in the morning

I tried disconnecting for 15 seconds and for 60 seconds, no luck, any suggestions??
Can any other type of shop beside the dealer work on it?? unemployed, need car to look for job. Dealer tends to be very expensive.