Problem starting my jeep

my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s battery died so i recharged it and now when i go to start my jeep it starts but once it does it shuts off right away. my security module thing also is beeping constently like if my hazards were on so i pulled the fuse so it wouldnt drain my battery…does anybody know what might be the problem that i have???

It sounds to me like the security system is shutting you down. I would not have one as they all seem to have too many problems and the after market ones are sure to cause problems.

If it is a OEM system have someone take a look at it. If it is an after market add on, have someone take it out and let them try to repair the possible damage done when someone put it on.

I agree with Joseph. I will assume this is a factory alarm system on your Jeep. The way Chrysler wired it when you turn the key to run the fuel pump is energized by the ECM through the fuel pump relay for 2 seconds. This allows the fuel for the initial start up. After the initial start up power to the fuel pump is routed through the security module. If the module is active (alarming) or no power is available to the module (fuse removed) the vehicle will not continue to run.
First: replace the fuse to the security module.
Second: Turn of the security system. If this is a factory unit using the door key rotate the passenger door lock cylinder from unlock to lock to unlock. At this point the beeping should stop and any flashing lights.
Third: Start Jeep and motor off.

Try locking and unlocking the driver’s door with the key. Also look for a very tiny reset button under the drivers side dash, that’s how the factory alarm reset worked on my 92 Cherokee.