1994 jeep


I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, that the security system will not disengage and let the Jeep start, does the Powertrain Control Module need to be replaced since it controls everything in the Jeep.


I doubt the problem is with the PCM. Have you checked to make sure that the alarm system is getting the proper power supplied to it? Does the remote keyfob seem to work ok?


What is happening, and what is NOT happening, when you attempt to start the Jeep? Give as much detail as you car.


when I turn the key the power goes off, and yes I checked the key fob even replaced the batteries, afer the car sits for a while it will reset and start, but once you shut it off and happens all over again


While researching a slow fuel pump pressurization problem on my 94 GC 5.2 L I read this info. The security system can be disabled by splicing into the purple wire with a yellow stripe that is located in the drivers door wiring harness and running the spliced wire to a good ground. Supposidly a lot of problems occur with the flexing of the wires in the drivers door harness. Might want to just check the wires where they flex at the door opening for worn bare spots first. Hope this helps you.


do you have an after market alarm?

this sounds like your security system needs to be disabled, uninstalled (at least temporarily) to see if that is what is effecting your starting.

it sounds like the alarm is screwing up to me.

NO mechaninc i know would start changing parts, or trying to decipher this without eliminating the alarm from the system.


No it’s not an after market alarm, it came with the vehicle, it’s all connected to the PCM


Thank you all for your comments, the problem was in the battery cables, once replaced everything went back to normal.