How to correct a post

When I have answered a post, and I see I have made a mistake in spelling, or punctuation, or grammar, how do I correct it. Or, kan I?

Click on the little pencil in the lower right corner.

Before you Submit a post, you can use a spell checker. You can download a spell-checker from Google. After you type your post, you can see what your post will look like if you click on Preview. If you see any changes you want to make, click on Edit, make your changes and then Submit.
You can make changes after you have posted by clicking on the small pencil, making the changes, then click on Save Changes to re-submit your post.

Added 01/17/08: Oops, I didn’t use my Google spell checker, above. The word you was misspelled. I just corrected it by clicking on the pencil symbol, making the change, clicking Preview, then, clicking on Save Changes to enter the finished post.

Click the small icon in the lower right of the post that looks like a pencil. It will be there if you view your post while you are logged in.

Uh-huh, but we still can’t delete a submitted post if we want.

I had a post double up on me today here.
I waited an hour and saw no original post so typed up and submitted it and guess what? the original post came up at the same time.

Yeah, they’ve really ironed out all the bugs, haven’t they? And listened to all the feedback we gave them when they asked for it all those months ago.

Come on “Web Lackeys”, communicate with us, sometime. NOW, we’re waiting for your feedback!