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How do I post an "Update"

After posting a problem and getting some suggestions is there a way to post an update? Or do I just go to my original post?

Just go to your original post and click on ‘reply’.

Go to your original topic and just write a new post. You could also edit your original post

Thanks! That’s what I did but was not sure if that was right.

Be careful when editing your original post, as some of the replies may now become totally bogus, replying to the original, and cause confusion.

Personally, i’d prefer you not edit the original post, but rather add corrections or changes, either as an “edit” section at the end of the post or as a separate “reply”.

In fact, may boards do not allow editing of the original post for this reason.

Here is a link to your original post, if you click your icon you can see your past posts.

Thanks for the info. I’m not going to edit my original post. I just posted a reply as an update to what I had done and what I had found out. I’m going to leave the original post as it is. I just couldn’t tell if posting a reply moved it to the top or put it in the “latest” group.

I have only been on this site for a couple weeks and just learning my way around. A few people made suggestions about what I should do with my car and I wanted to let anyone who was interested know how it had all worked out.

By icon do you mean the J in the green circle? When I click on that I see recent replies to my post and also a list of badges I’ve earned. But I don’t see my original post, not like the link you have to it. I’m still a little lost using this site.

I understood that, so I supplied the link to your other topic, If you reply to it it will go to the top. Once you click your icon, there should be a list, on that list is topics, that hould show you all the discussions you started.

Replying for your convenience if desired.