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What does the pencil mean?

There’s a pencil noted on my post about the self-driving cars in Saudi Arabia: what does that mean? Where would I look it up?

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it allows you to edit your post.

move the mouse over the icon to see it’s meaning.

I wrote the wrong thing. In my personalized drop-down menu, there’s an icon of a pencil attributed to ‘system’ pointing to that. Does that mean system wants me to edit something?

The pencil icon means that you can correct the post you just made. Click on the pencil an correct your post then click on save edit.

@cdaquila Bat Signal to Carolyn. RT needs help, which can be taken many ways.

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The pencil indicating a revision by “system” just means that discourse downloaded a local copy of the image to the site.

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I searched for an explanation; where could I have found this information without asking? Is this obvious? It’s not a deal, I’d just like to know. Another forum requires a minimum amount of poster contribution; I can’t just post a link to an article or a picture (or even a quote) and not write something myself; it rejects such posts. That ran through my mind as an explanation for this.

When I clicked on the pencil on the post in question, it listed the author and the reason. Did it not display for you? (I don’t know if it’s only shown for moderators.)

No, it didn’t. I’m not complaining, I’m just curious.

I didn’t take it as a complaint. Every time I edit a post, it asks me to type a reason. So I assumed that it was visible to everyone. Huh. Interesting.

Click the “Edited” pencil to view the original and edited post, you can see the changes made and reason for the change may be listed on top;

system 1 day — downloaded local copies of images

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Yeah, that happens. I never noticed that little pencil before. When I click on the pencil line for that in my drop-down menu, it just takes me to the thread, not shows me that explanation.

I post the link instead of the cartoon so as not to force everybody who inspects the thread to see the cartoon. Sometimes I make a comment that could be useful to the person who would choose.

Also, by importing the link to, provides the bandwidth. If left the link in place the originator would have to provide the bandwidth.

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