How to check trans fluid level in '98 Honda Passport

Anyone know how to check the tranny fluid on a 1998 Honda Passport? (rebadged Isuzu Rodeo)

The vehicle doesn’t seem to have a transmission dipstick that I can find. And no, the manual doesn’t have any info either.

My GF took it to a transmission shop that I (somewhat) trust, and they not only couldn’t figure it out either, but claimed that these had GM transmissions. So Honda bought these from Isuzu, who apparently bought transmissions from GM for these? Can anyone confirm/deny this? My opinion of the shop went down a few levels after this episode.

Is it an automatic transmission or a manual transmission?

I have never seen a manual transmission with a dip stick. For manual transmissions, you remove the fill hole plug and make sure it is filled to the top with the appropriate gear oil.

It is an automatic.