Automatic transmission fluid

I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire. I cannot locate the automatic transmiision fluid stick?? Where is it??

Doesn’t your Owner’s Manual have this information?

It can be hard to find, but it is in there somewhere. I would start by finding the transmission. If I remember correctly, the transmission fluid dip stick is on the back of the engine to the left as you face the engine compartment from the front.

no I did see it identify anything

It could be that this model does not have a dipstick. GM foolishly “sealed” the transmissions for a number of years and models. They figured people could put the wrong stuff in and wreck it. The guys who change the oil are supposed to check it by removing a plug, just like a differential. Usually they don’t do it!

The GM guy in charge of power train engineering told me it was to “protect” the transmission.

Please check with your mechanic where to check the fluid level.


I am willing to bet this car has a transmission dip stick. I am 99.9999999% sure since this is the same engine and transmission as my ex-girlfriend’s Cavalier, which has a transmission dip stick.