Transmission Dip Stick

Help… I can not find the transmission dip stick on my 2000 Chevy Malibu. There is a red cap marked “Transmission Oil” but this is directly under the exhaust manifold. There is no way that I would be able to check this with the engine warm.

Is this a manual or automatic transmissions? Most manuals and even some newer automatics don’t have dipsticks. Have you tried taking the red cap off while the engine’s cool enough that you can grab it? That would at least tell you if there’s a dipstick on there. You might need some sturdy gloves to check it while hot.

If you’ve got the owner’s manual, I’m sure it’ll tell you how to check the transmission fluid. You should do this anyways, since different cars have different procedures for checking the trans fluid.

That is your tranny dipstick. Yup, start by reading the owner’s manual and have some leather gloves handy. Odds are the engine will need to be running.

Having a good worklight handy should help too. Tranny dipsticks are all almost impossible to read IMHO.

It is an automatic transmission. Nothing in the manual… I will get some gloves and give it a go. Thank you for the responses.

There is no transmission fluid level dipstick because it’s a sealed transmission. That red cap covers the transmission fluid standpipe. And because of it’s location, you can’t check the fluid level unless you have the proper equipment. But the dealer does!


The owner’s manual should tell you how to check the transmission fluid level (if it can be checked). Read the manual!

I stand corrected. I wasn’t aware they were doing that as far back as 2000.

good call guys, those that responded there is no dipstick are correct.