How to bypass a chip key?

How do you bypass the chip key in a 2006 Pontiac

Why would you want to do that?

key with remote stolen…only have regular fob…in process of trying to fix power outlet, someone got electrical details wrong, cant turn off antitheft without starting vehicle, wouldnt take a jump, bought new battery, big old mess. Do you happen to have schematic of dashboard wiring? The warning icon was a padlock behind an engine. Or do you have troubleshooting advice? Thanks. Liz

You can bypass the anti-theft device by having a someone that “tunes” these cars for a living to make more horsepower. They can re-flash the ECU to bypass the anti-theft completely. But it will cost you more than having a dealer make you a new key.

But you have lots of other problems, as you say. I don’t have a schematic, the internet is your friend, search there.