2008 Pontiac g6 anti theft mode

My pontiac will not start at all and it is in anti theft mode, the car with the key locking it icon. I tried all the simple fixes like turning it to on position for 10-15 minutes and off for 1-2 and nothing worked for me. Am i just going to have to tow it to a mechanic, or is there a simpler fix i don’t know for this?

Did you correctly restore the radio wiring? There are LAN communication lines going to the radio.

Yeah it maybe thinks you were trying to steal the radio. No wonder it won’t start. Try the other key. If neither of them work, there is a problem recognizing the chip on the key. Either have to have a lock smith or dealer reprogram a new key. In my opinion anyway, according to the owners manual. You can check the fuse. Don’t know if pulling the fuse would re set it or not. You can try using the key fob to unlock it. That’s all I know.

I think the overriding opinion here is that you should have left well enough alone.