Anti-theft system 98 sunfire

Over the last week or so I have been having an issue with my car. The Anti-theft light comes on my dash almost everytime I am driving it, and in some instances keeps my car from turning on. It is designed to keep someone from jamming in a key that isnt yours and starting your car. The car has no other engine problems so this has to be it. Just about everytime i fill p on gas I have to sit for 10 minutes and wait for my whole system to reboot. Is there any way I can just cut the system and move on. Its to old to be worth fixing.

Google on bypass passlock II and you should find what you’re looking for. Your model year is right on the edge between the original PASSLOCK system and the second generation IIRC. Likely to be PASSLOCK II. Not so hard to defeat if you’re the actual owner and if you’re not a “techie” you may be best served with a commercial bypass kit.