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How replace alternator belt on '94 Mazda Protege?

My 1994 Protege, 210,000 miles, needs a new alternator belt. Where are the two points that need to be loosened in order to remove the belt, and are there any tricks or dangers or other bits of information that one should be aware of before doing this project? Thanks!

If there isn’t anything in the way just loosen the mounting and adjustment bolts and replace the belt.

Before replacing the belt after the old one is off, turn the alternator pulley by hand with a bit of side pressure and listen for any scratching/scraping/grinding sounds. (this will indicate possible wear on the bearings)

You MAY have to use a small bar against the alternator to get enough leverage to pull the belt tight before tightening the adjustment bolt.
Don’t forget to tighten the bottom mounting bolt too.

Just be careful you don’t pry against any part that may get damaged.

When done, start the engine any observe the belt and ensure it isn’t slipping.

In a couple of days, with the engine off and ignition keys removed, inspect the belt for tension. (just put a bit of pressure on the belt at the half way point between pulleys, there shouldn’t be more than 1/4" of slack)

The mounting … is that a tension point near the alternator and then another near what looks like part of the power steering assembly, the bottom mounting bolt you mentioned? If so, would I need to get under the car for that?

[Thanks for the details on checking for bearing wear and checking the work a few days later!]

Whoa. You’re going to need a diagram of the belt system of the engine as I can’t tell you exactly how it looks.

Too many different designs around.

A net search may be all that’s needed. I’ll have a look but can’t promise anything.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but hopefully someone (Perhaps one of our resident techs can help you)