Drive belts, Mazda 1996 Protege

128,000 miles, in town driving, regular maintenance. Drive belts need to be replaced according to the local non-dealer mechanic I go to. Never had them replaced since I owned the car, bought at 87,000 miles.

How many drive belts am I looking at? Where are they in the car? cost of each and to install?


The mileage is about the limit for belt life. To replace these belt(s), should set you back less than $100, more likely $60. If they are frayed, you are really driving on borrowed time.

My 2007 Corolla belt is showing cracks and will be replaced soon with only 50,000 miles on the clock.

You have 3 belts

Gates or Dayco is fine

If you have A/C you have 3 belts. Figure $20-$30 per belt and $50 labor to replace all of them.

Thankyou for the answers I was looking for!