Mazda protege belt tightening

a friend of mine has a 2003 mazda protege and it squeals on start up in the mornings. i think one of the two belts needs to be tightened. does anyone have a belt diagram for the 2003 protege and also instructions on how to tighten the belts on that model. i have done this job on my jeep, but it has an automatic tensioner and i think the protege doesnt. thanks.

Your friend needs a mechanic to check the belt(s). They may be dry rotted and/or cracked. An experienced mechanic can tell if a belt is too loose or too tight just by feel. If you tighten a bad belt your friend may be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

i told them that originally, however the belts are new as they were replaced but the squeal is still there on start up.