Alternator Belt?

1997 Mazda Protege… had alternator and battery replaced several months ago. After several weeks, smelled funny odor, check light came on, and car wouldn’t restart after shutting off. Had it towed back to place where alternator replaced. They replaced alternator & belt. Few weeks later – same thing. Seems belt is being chewed/frayed somehow. Happened again this week. Auto shop had car for 4 days and can’t find what’s causing the problem. Anyone have any suggestions? They are going to start charging to replace the belts and of course, I’m out of a car and scared to drive it.

Time to find a new mechanic…

It’s possible that alternator pulley is out of line causing the belt to run off course.

Has the original pulley been transferred to each new alternator?

I don’t know … will have to ask the mechanic how that was handled. Thanks for responding … will let you know!

The new alternators must be pulling the belt out of alignment. This should not be a big deal problem. I’d go to another mechanic and I think your current shop is showing poor performance.

They maybe getting the wrong part # alternator and it looks like it fits but the mounts are throwing the alignment of the belt off. If you can’t find another mechanic you trust take it to a Mazda dealer and ask them for an opinion on why the belt is fraying.

It’s easy enough to see if all the pulleys are aligned.

Place a straight edge (anything with one side straight and about 18" long) against two or more pulley sides.