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1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL Must sell very hard to sell need help!

hello my brother and i are trying to sell our fathers car, he passed away and we need help to sell the car, to pay rent, can you help, we have tried many websites, but no one shows up?

can you help, we are selling the car very cheap due to the car sitting and due to ware and tare,


the woodstock brothers ariel and daniel

our father bought the sports car for my mom for her but she had us and had to go with a 4 door !

Is it in running condition? Have you tried Craigslist?

For a car like this which is sort of a curiosity these days, your best bet might be finding some Rx-7 and/or Mazda rotary engine forums and post the details to the classifieds section.

If you have not there are a few forums for RX-7

Thank you for your quick replys heres the car info !

does not run, red with leather inside, moon roof, old cassette deck ! ha !

1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL. Standard Manual Transmission. Red, 45,000 miles (approx).

Red leather interior. Cassette Stereo AM/FM w/ 10 band equalizer.

It has some minor rust along hood and headlights. removable moon roof. We are
the original owners. The radiator, catalytic converter, and clutch disc have
been replaced. Car was repainted once to match original color
(faded due to long term sun exposure).

Repairs need: Gas tank needs a small hole sealed (on upper right part of the
tank). Driver’s side door handle needs to be
replaced as does driver side
power window motor. Radio antenna needs to be replaced or repaired as it
doesn’t go up (motor works however).

Asking $1,850 OBO.

Unless you can get it running, you need to knock at least $1000 off that price.

Well, the simple rule is, if it doesn’t sell, you’re asking too much. I think that’s the case here for a non-running one with some rust. A nice looking running '85 GSL only got bid up to $1625 on Ebay.

You mention things about this car that would drive me off. It’s been repainted and shows rust. The gas tank has a hole. Combine these 2 things and “rust bucket” comes to mind.
It’s not running and a stereo, especially a cassette, really has no bearing on the value of a car.

My opinion is that it’s overpriced for a non-running 25 year old. If it’s been sitting and has fuel problems this could be pricy and aggravating, no matter if it’s a fuel injected or carbureted model. The carburetors were prone to problems and pretty complex.

That may not be what you want to hear but I think you will have to lower your expectations about the amount of money this car will bring.

looking for honesty ! suggested price?

I mess with cars (and older ones too) and if I were going to buy this car I might go 500 dollars on it but even that would be dependent on a careful lookover and some thought. There are simply too many question marks.

The right buyer could come along and give you 2 grand for it but that wait could take a week, month, year, or a decade.

The trouble is that the actual body itself is basically worthless unless it’s in exceptionally good shape (which it doesn’t sound like). The only thing that would give this car any value is the relatively low mileage engine, but if you can’t start it up it’s just an unknown.