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How do you remove fuel filter off a 2001 F150

How do you remove a fuel filter off a 2001 F150? I remove the clips and pull for a half hour No go. Filter still on truck. Theres got to be a easyway to do this.

Are you saying your filter has 2 hairpin clips, as in plural? I thought most late model Fords used one hairpin and a springlock fitting on the same filter? The change occurred sometime during this period but I do not remember for sure when.
Sometimes the filter will refuse to budge due to hardening of the rubber O-ring seals. It simply has to be twisted and worked for a while.

The hairpins can be removed with a screwdriver; if it has a springlock the springlocks require a special tool; about 5-10 bucks at the auto parts store.
As to why Ford uses both methods on the same filter that’s probably done to simply make it more of a pain in the neck to service.

one end is like an air hose chuck. it is spring loaded. it has an o ring inside which seals.

BTW, the search function probably has more ideas than i do.

Yes it does have to two clips a front one and back one. The clips come right off no problem there but the filter itself WOW twisted and pull it still no luck.

Just verifying this. Is this the type of clips you have on both ends; the duckbills? (hairpins to me),2545903/initialAction,repairGuide/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c152800af920