F-150 fuel line clip



On my 2005 Ford F-150 I broke the small plastic fuel line clip where the fuel line attaches to the fuel filter. This is on the inlet side of the filter. I cannot find a replacement clip. Ford wants to replace the entire line at $180. Any fix other than repalacing the whole line?


Can’t you use a hose clamp? Maybe there’s something I’m not visualizing.


Are you sure you can’t find one? I found one for a similar connection at the parts store in the ‘Help!’ section. Go to Napa, and ask for the clip. They should have one in the computer.


go here http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/986610.page

or here http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/1003210.page

or here http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/984409.page

i dont know why, but this website format makes the links separate. click on these one by one, there are three web pages dealing with this same problem over the last four months or so.


The potential for liability if a fuel line repair fails is astronomical. Independant shops might be free to repair it somewhat cheaper but avoid a ‘patch up’ for your own peace of mind.


Don’t use a hose clamp, there is too much pressure. The old carburetors only had two PSI, now there could be more then sixty PSI.


If this is like the plastic clip on my '99 Merc, the Motorcraft filters come without them, but some of the aftermarket (Fram etc.) include replacement clips. It really ticks me off that Motorcraft will not put this 0.5 cent part in the boxes with their filters. They can be reused, but why?

It seems like it must be something different since they want to $180 to fix it, but who knows how audacious this dealer service dept. is!


The fuel line is a formed line with molded part that slips over the filter. A hose clamp cannot compress this molded part. The filter slips into the fuel line and is held in place by the plastic clip. Since I sent tnis out I have found a clip on-line from Dorman Products. they are the ones that make the ‘Help’ line of parts. I could not order from Dorman but I was abel to get Checker Auto order it. I put it on today and it appears to work.
Thanks for the help.


Until just the other day the only ones I could find were for earlier Fords. I did find one on-line at Dorman Products (the maker of the ‘Help’ line) for later model Fords. I was able to get Checker Autoto order the part and just finished installing it. It looks like it will work. The clips seem to be pretty positive when youy slip it through the line and onto the filter.
Thanks for your help.


I haven’t tried aftermarket filters but I will look into them. I finally found a clip that I put on today and it seems to work I got it through Checker Auto and it is made by Dorman Products. They make the ‘Help’ line of parts. I could only find it on-line at Dorman as none of the stores I went to had the late model Ford ones in stock that Dorman listed. but I got the part number listing and Checker had it in 2 days.
Thanks for your help