Fuel filter replacement


How do the fuel lines come off on a 2002 Ranger? There is a small hairpin clip with no lift tab and the ends are embedded in the housing. Anyone done this procedure?


push pull

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Slip the clip off the fuel line and slide it back away from the filter.


Then you’re going to need a tool such as this to insert into the fuel filter to unlock the fuel line from the filter.



Well, I broke 1 of the clips and still wasn’t able to remove it. These clips are orange (3/8) and green (5/16). The dealer doesn’t show the part number. And the fitting looks different from the external spring type at the fuel rail. Does this tool have instructions? I think the clips must be removed first? I know it must be easy, but I can’t take a chance on a leak. No backup vehicle is available. Thanks again guys


I told you push pull.



I believe you push in on the colored tab and pull the line off the filter. But, if you break it, as I did, NAPA carries a fix-it kit. Good luck, it is a S.O.B.


Well, I know I need the repair kit, do you remember the name of it by chance? Thanx


You might find new clips at an auto parts store. They all usually have a rack with assorted stuff like window cranks and exhaust studs and all kinds of caps and clips.