How do you fix the window washing system in a BMW 528e

Hey I?m working on the car that I am going to get when I get my driving lesions a BMW 528e and it?s the world?s coolest car. So I?m working with it and the windows are dirty so I try spraying window washing on but nothing came out so I thought I might be out so I went off and bought some more but it was full. My dad thinks the tube is broken and I don?t wont to spend a lot of money so I was wondering if you could tell me what parts I will need to get and how to replace the tube that would be the greatest thing ever.

Window washer tubing is probably the cheapest thing you’ll buy for the car. But, if the pump motor is shot, it will not matter. Find and test the washer pump before looking for broken tubing.

The most common problem is hard water deposits plugging the tips of the spray nozzles. Clean them with a needle or very fine wire from a steel brush.

There is an electric pump on the side of the windshield washer reservoir. Can you hear it hum when you turn on the washer? If not, unplug it and see if it is getting 12 volts to its plug. If yes, replace the pump. If no, check the fuse and wiring. I recently replaced a washer pump on a 328i, because it had started leaking. Takes about 2 minutes.

If you are working on your own car, you will save a lot of money if you buy parts on line from somewhere like Pelican, Autohaus, or (there are many other excellent vendors as well). You will also find that an investment in an Bentley manual for your car will be money well spent.

Try turning on the pump(someone else) and hear it whirr or feel it vibrate. If it turning then likely a leak in your tubing or clog. If not check the fuses. Next if fuse okay unclip the plug on pump and insert a test light into the two plug ends. If that light steady or flashes then its definitely the pump. If no light it is either the switch, circuit(nicer cars typically squirt and activate washer a series of pulses), or less likely the wiring.

So lots of things to check out.

If you don’t want to replace the pump with BMW part or aftermarket(if really $$$$) they make cheaper generic pumps that require splicing the tubing and connecting(do not cut) the eletrical plug to your current pump.

I remember in high school wiring a friends Saab washer directly to horn with a single wire. The switch (very $$$) was defective and all my friends though it was riot everytime you beeped the horn three squirts and the wipers ran.