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Rear window washer/wiper for 2001 Ford Taurus wagon

I had the rear window wiper/washer repaired on my Ford Taurus wagon. The blade was not moving although the motor was cycling prior to the repair and would not shut off. Now the wiper blade moves when it is turned on and it will shut off. However, the dealer states that it would be another repair to get the washer to spray. Should it be another repair or should that have been repaired when the original part was replaced? Thanks.

I would think the tech who worked on this would have at least checked it out to see if it was pumping.

If it was not then (s)he should have mentioned it to the service writer who, in turn, should have discussed the fault with you.

If the item was not marked on the work order it may have been ignored.

Then again, this is what can happen at dealerships.

Your vehicle is out of warranty, I recommend you find a reputable independent tech/shop. JMHO though.

The dealer’s service writer told me that it was not pumping but that it was an additional charge to fix it. I felt that it was pumping to begin with and that it was just a bid for more money. Do you know are they two separate repairs? Would repairing the movement of the wiper blade affect the pumping action? This same dealer told me that my left-rear marker was burned out twice within a short period so I wasn’t sure whether they were padding the bill or not on the wiper repair.

The wiper and the washer are two separate things. The wiper motor has absolutely nothing to do with the washer spray pump. The wiper motor is in the tailgate. The washer spray pump is under the hood. There is no connection other than the fact that they are used together to clean the rear window, and perhaps operated by the same switch.