How do I remove my power steering pump from 3.8L 93 ford taurus?

I have a 93 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. I am trying to remove my power steering pump. I have removed the pulley, both hoses and the three mounting bolts but can’t free the pump from the mounting bracket. Can the bracket be removed and if so then how do you remove it? I have taken out several bolts but the bracket will not move. Can it be removed?

As I recall, this pump is mounted in a “Mission Impossible” location with very limited access from both top and bottom. You are doing well to have progressed this far…I suspect there are one or more hidden bolts holding the pump in place…Some bright lights and hand mirrors sometimes can be employed to locate hidden fasteners…Putting the car up on a lift or raised up on jack-stands will provide the necessary angles to get the job done…Lifting the engine up off its mounts may be part of the solution to gain the needed access…

I have this engine in a minivan, but have never had to remove the power steering pump. I will look at it tomorrow and report back what I speculate has to happen to get the pump out. Not doing it tonight since the van is outside where it’s dark and cold, and I’m fixing to go to bed. I also have repair manuals, but they are also in my detached garage. Bummer.

Have you googled it? I just did and got

This is the procedure listed in ALLDATA…

Disconnect negative battery cable.
Remove engine damper strut.
Remove power steering belt.
Raise vehicle on hoist.
Remove right front wheel and tire assembly.
Position jack under engine. Remove right rear engine mount.
Remove power steering pump pulley.
Position drain pan. Remove pressure and return lines from pump.
Remove four pump retaining bolts (three in front, one in rear) and remove pump.
Position pump and install retaining bolts. Tighten retaining bolts to 20-32.5 N-m (15-24 lb-ft) .
Install pressure and return lines to pump. Remove drain pan.
Install power steering pump pulley.
Install right rear engine mount and remove jack.
Install right front wheel and tire assembly. Tighten wheel lug nuts to 115-142 N-m (85-105 lb-ft) .
Lower vehicle.
Install belt to pump pulley.
Install engine damper strut.
Connect negative battery cable.
Fill power steering fluid to proper level.

Here’s how I would translate what Willey quotes from ALLDATA:

“Put it back together and take it to a good shop. Have them do it for you.”

But I’m less adventurous than I used to be.