How do I get the bottom water pump retaining bolts off my 93 ford taurus?

I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. I need to replace my water pump. I removed the drive belt and took off the four water pump pulley bolts. I am having trouble removing the “bottom” water pump-to-engine retaining bolts. I can’t see the “bottom” bolts and can’t get any type of wrench to come close to the bolts. I am looking down on the engine. Any solutions?

Don’t have one in the shop today to look at and all the techs have left for the day but,
For one repair or another I’ve seen many remaove the wheel/tire and remaove the wheel well splash housing and work form the fender well inward.

From my Haynes manual (#36074, Taurus/Sable '86 - '95), here is the bad news (with my apologies if you have a manual or otherwise already knew all this):

"Loosen the four water pump pulley bolts… NOTE: Be sure the water pump pulley bolts are loosened before the drivebelt is removed. But don’t attempt to actually remove the pulley at this time - there is insufficient clearance between the nose of the pump shaft and the wheel housing. The pulley cannot be removed until the pump is removed rom the engine.

"Remove the drivebelt(s). Remove the alternator.

"On 3.8L V6 models, remove the lower nuts from both right-side engine mounts and raise the engine slightly. Without disconnecting the hoses, remove the power steering pump and set it aside. Remove air conditioning compressor front support bracket.

"Loosen the hose clamps and detach the hoses from the water pump.

"[THEN r]emove the water pump bolts…

[The instructuions do not say so, but the illustration shows four bolts, plus four nuts and one stud (which maybe does not have to be removed).]

"Remove the water pump from the timing chain cover.

Installation instructions include “Coat the threads of the water pump bolts with Pipe Sealant (D*AZ-19558-A or the wquivalent), install the bolts and tighten them to the specified torque.”

I hope that helps.