97 Dodge Caravan PS pump replacement

I’m working on a 1997 Caravan that needed a new PS pump. The old one must have seized up the shaft snapped right off 2 inches deep into the pump.
That one was not too hard to remove because the pulley came off with the broken shaft. The problem I’m having is getting the new pump and pulley back in that spot. I even removed the harmonic balancer to make a little more room and removed the upper motor mount to jack the engine up a few inches.
The only thing I can see to do is to remove the passenger side half shaft…or at least dropping it down.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I just checked Chilton Library and it is pretty involved. They have you removing the oxygen sensor wiring through a plate in the floor, ant then removing the catalytic converter and moving the exhaust rearward. These are the instructions for the 3.3 and 3.8 which were most of them.

You probably need this pulley puller/installer kit.

You remove the pulley from the new power steering pump so there’s enough room to install the new pump.

Then once the pump is mounted, the pulley is reinstalled onto the pump.


Thank’s @Oldtimer and @Tester, I already have that puller set and I tried to install the pump without the pulley, but that didn’t leave enough room to even get the pulley between the frame and the pump shaft.

This is a rusty hulk and if there were a nice big hole by the passengers feet…I could drop it through. Maybe I can convince the guy that the hole was there before.
Where did I put that TNT!!!


I do not remember where the PS on this is, I assume it is the 3.3, but I know for alternator and spark plugs, I used to remove the wiper cowl for access.

Thanks @galant. The Pump is located on the lower left of the front of the engine.
The only place I could find it get the old one out was going over the front of the half shaft and over the shaft.
I’ll start afresh this morning.


For the V6-181 3.0L SOHC VIN 3 MFI anyway, it looks like the exhaust system has to be removed then the needed access is gained through the exhaust tunnel. That vehicle has several engine options though, so it might be different if you have a different one.

Thanks for all the help guys. I finally got it. Sorry I didn’t list it…it’s a 3.3.

Everyone said to disconnect the Cat and pull it back to gain access, but one look at the rusted stubs of bolts and I decided not to try that route. I was afraid I’d end up breaking off a couple of those bolts…as rusty and ate away they were…and I’d be pulling the exhaust manifold next

I opted to remove the alternator and the support bracket for that and the PS pump. Then I could get the pump in and rested on top of the half shaft, while I re-installed the bracket and alternator.
The new pump then bolted up fine.

Now all I have to do is save three toddlers from a burning building to make up for all the foul language I used…maybe four.


It’s interesting that all the shop manual type advice says to remove it from below, but you were able to do it from above. Good for you. I’m thinking the shop manual says to do it that way b/c pro-mechanics (for whom the shop manual is geared to) have lifts so it is easier and quicker to work from below than above. They’d probably just torch those old rusted fasteners off in a jiff and replace with new rather than monkey with them.

The starter motor replacement procedure on my Corolla is a similar thing. The shop manual says to do it from below with the aid of a helper, but I discovered a way to do it from above – involving temporarily removing some stuff first – that is much easier, and can be done w/out a helper.

You are right @georgeSanJose. If I had a lift better than just my scissors lift.
But then If I wasn’t in the rust belt, those cat bolts would probably not be a problem.

Sometimes…like you did with the starter…we just have to make do.


I agree. I don’t have a lift and with a jack and sands, working from under is not fun. For the tensionor on the same caravan, I had to be on my back and get the socket up there with a bunch of connectors and U joints, but that was it. I did the park plugs from above, life is better when you are not under a 4000 lbs car.

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