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Power steering pump removal

I would like to know how to remove a power steering pump on a 1997 Town & Country with a 3.8L motor and AC( if that matters)Does it come out through where the catalytic converter sits???

You may have to loosen the engine mounts and move things around a little to get it out. Very common problem with FWD vehicles…

What happened to the plastic panel in the right wheel well? Is there still one there?

E-gads, I hope not but will take a look at that in the morning, I am beat right now. Is there a mount that is more advantages to loosen?

One of the first things I did was to remove the splash shield! yea man, Tried to remove the pump to the rear through the exhaust tunnel but doesn’t seem to want to fit through there.

According to this fixya article, you have to disconnect the oxygen sensor lead, and remove the catalytic converter, to remove the power steering pump.