97 tauras power steering bracket removal

power steering bracket removal. Is it possible without taking off the pulley? I can not seem to take off enough bolts.

You must remove the pulley. No way around it.

I thought that was the case. The guy at the parts store said otherwise. I am having problems getting the pulley on (fully). Major problems. Any other suggestions?

After further research I found it is possible to remove the pump and pump bracket as one piece. There are a couple of hidden bolts. One is behind the belt tensioner and one behind the belt idler. Here are the instructions for removal.

Power Steering Pump (2V)
To Remove:

Before servicing the vehicle refer to the precautions at the beginning of this section.
Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Remove the accessory drive belt.
Remove the alternator.
Drain and remove the radiator coolant recovery reservoir.
Position a drain pan under the power steering pump underneath the vehicle. Disconnect the hydraulic pressure and return lines and allow to drain.
Remove the idler pulley from the power steering pump support.
Remove the belt tensioner.
Remove the bracket mounting bolt located under the belt tensioner mounting.
Remove two retaining nuts from the bracket mounting studs. Remove both mounting studs, and pull off the power steering pump support with the pump attached.
Clamp the pump support bracket in a suitable vise.
Remove the power steering pump pulley from the pump shaft using Pump Pulley Remover T69L-10300-B, or equivalent. Remove the three bolts retaining the power steering pump to the power steering pump support and remove the power steering pump.


Dartman is correct. That’s how I always remove Taurus PS 3.0L OHV pumps. If you need a good used one, I still have couple attached to their brackets.

If you have a DOHC V6 Taurus, the pulley has to be rotated so that the holes line up with each of the three bolts involved.