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Help with a new posting

When I see a new posting on here I cannot find a place to reply. Can someone help me?? After someone has replied, then I see the place to reply.

When you click on the topic, you’re not getting a yellow box with a “post your reply” button in the lower right hand corner?

The ‘Reply’ button is on the lower left hand corner below the post on my PC.

what do you mean by “the topic”

There is a “topic index” button near the top of this page. Click it for a list of topics, each has an arrow next to it. Click on the name of the topic you wish to read or respond to, then click on the "post your reply button within the yellow box.

when I click on topic index it brings up carquestions and second opinins. I click on car questions and it brings up several discussions. I click on the discussion I want but I don’t see any way to reply to it.

You click on “post your reply” then scroll down and you will see a box that says Subject. You reply there. When the reply is done, click on “submit”. Then your reply will disappear until you go back to the index and get into it again.

well I hate to admit that I am so stupid, but I cannot find a “post your reply” anywhere on the original post. Now on your reply there is a “reply” button. By the way, do you have a Dodge van? I do, and I have a question about it.

Hey, I just discovered that if I click on the lower right corner of the post, where there is NO box or anything, it opens up a reply box. Thanks everyone for your help.

Sounds like you need to reboot if you have Microsoft software, or a browser problem.

Which browser do you use? Even on Windows,there is available Firefox for free download. I just looked up Opera and it is also available for Windows.

I am not sure I understand your question, but I use Internet Explorer and Yahoo. I don’t really have a problem except the “post your reply” is not there until I click on the lower right corner of the post. Then it shows up. Anyway, I have it under control now, thanks everyone who responded to my problem

The van comment comes from something in a Tom and Ray road test of a Dodge Van where they said they hope people follow the instrucions written on the front which said Dodge Van and not follow the instructions written on the back which said Ram Van. Your computer is not showing you the POST YOUR REPLY button. You found it anyway.