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How can you tell 360 from a 352

I have a 1970 f-350 flatbed. The air cleaner and valve covers say that the engine is a 360 ci. however, on the drivers side of the engine block under the head (on the front of the motor) there is a ‘352’ cast into the block. I know that the 352 and 360 were pretty much the same engine, but it is a curiosity to me which engine I have. Any ideas? thanks.

Most if not all the FE blocks had 352 on the block. The 352, 360 and 390 were all the same blocks just with different bores and strokes. The 360 was a mechanically beefed up version used in trucks only and with a 2BBL carb was rated at 215 gross HP. The 352 with 2bbl was rated at 250 gross hp, 300hp with a 4BBL with dual exhausts. The 390 had several HP ratings from 300 to 335. My 59 Bird with the 390 4bbl has 352 on the engine block.

ok, thanks for clearing that up!

Between those two choices, your '70 model should have the 360 if it’s the original engine.