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360 fords

How much HP did a stock 1976 ford 360 fe engine put out?

About 215 HP.


On its BEST day…

so… did anyone ever put one to the test? or are we all guessing?

The wiki article says the 360 was in Ford trucks from '68 to '76, and that the '68 was listed at 215 hp. That’d be gross hp, I guess, net would be what, 80% of that?

These were smog engines. Designed for low emissions and low manufacturing cost. Two barrel low RPM truck engines. They were reliable, smooth and lasted a long time. Those looking for POWER dropped in a GT-390 4V engine rated at 325hp. Same block, but a different bore and stroke ratio, different heads and intake manifold. With MILLIONS of 390-428 engines available, nobody wasted their time trying to re-work the lame 360’s

Hmmm…the phrase ‘boat anchor’ comes to mind…

You are probably thinking of the 400.

True but they made a great ton truck engine,the ones I came in contact with held up very nice despite the constant abuse they suffered-Kevin
(no substitute for CID, if you are hopping up-go for a 406 or 410,410s are pretty easy to find in old Mercurys)

yeah, all the ford stuff can take a lot of crud, kinda like an AK-47, can be packed full of dirt, and still shootin.