Tough Stalls in my '94 Honda Accord


For over a year now, my '94 Honda Accord has had some issues. My dad and I have been repairing them, but one issue we have no clue what is wrong. During the summer or on at warm days if I stall the car (it is standard of course) it will not even turn over if I try to start it up again immediately. I end up waiting at least a couple minutes to get it started again. We’ve taken it to a mechanic at least once, and they have not been able to locate the issue. Any ideas?


If the starter is turning the engine, but the engine won’t start, replace the main fuel pump relay (PGM-FI main relay), under the dashboard. These go bad over time and fail under high temperatures, and are a common cause of starting problems on older Honda vehicles.

If the starter won’t turn at all the problem is in the starter circuit. I’d look at the clutch interlock switch under the dashboard. It’s an inexpensive place to start.


Seems to me that when this problem (starter not even running) has been posted before then the experts have said that sometimes the starter itself has a heat problem. Something like the solenoid contacts not making properly. In any case, if you hear the solenoid clicking in when you turn the key to 'start", than the starter is the place to look.