'Hot Wheels Hits the Road to Reach Its Fans'

I nominate Nash Metropolitans

The local flea market always has at least one booth that only sells Hot Wheels. It’s usually quite crowded, both with parents and kids. Still a very popular item it appears. It would never occur to me to sell Hot Wheels at a flea market. I guess that’s why I’m not making any income from doing so … lol …

Nash Metropolitans aren’t custom cars.
Hotwheels has long created Hotwheels cars out of unique custom cars.

I can dream, can’t I?

They made one as a dragster starting about 18yrs ago.

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Thanks! And I was joking… Is that a dragster?

Dragster was the idea, with wheelie bats out back and a v,8 with a supercharger under the elongated front end.