Heated leather seats

Hey has anyone out there ever had a problem with their heated leather seat not working?? The passenger side still works but my seat, the driver does not… Its Boston in January so this is no fun…I was wondering if maybe it was a fuse…if its not does this require replacing the entire seat ??? Ugh

Well, check the fuse first. . .

Check the fuse.

Otherwise good luck or maybe buy a used seat.

check this out >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Ftv3hnDXk

It may be a fuse, but if a fuse has blown, then that leads to the question of what caused the fuse to blow.
So, after looking at the fuse, I would suggest that you check the wiring leading to the seat.

It is very possible that the insulation on the wiring for the seat heater has become chafed by friction from the seat adjusting mechanism or from some object placed underneath the seat. Be sure to examine the wiring very closely and with good illumination, as just a tiny nick in the insulation could have led to this problem.

I will do that, thanks for your help!!

My coworker had the opposite problem with her VW. The heated driver’s seat overheated and began to smolder while she was sitting on it. It was warm though I’m sure…

If the fuse is good, and you know anything about electricity, you could disconnect the electrical connector for the heater under the seat, then check it with an ohmmeter to make sure it isn’t open. I don’t know if the element can be replaced or if the whole seat would need to be.

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Well, not to be a pain, but I’m sure there are thousands of drivers in Boston in January who are surviving just fine without heated seats. I understand you wanting all the features on your car to work but it’s certainly not a necessity.

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This should not be a difficult problem to diagnose but don’t be surprised if the heating element has gone south.

The driver’s seat sees a lot more use than the others and one could use a heating pad or electric blanket as an analogy. Wrinkle them enough and the filaments will start breaking.

I’m not surprised at all that people think it’s important. I am a “bells and whistles” guy myself. I like all the fancy stuff. I don’t go out of my way to buy a car just because it has those things, but if they are there I like having them. My car has heated side mirrors which are AWESOME in the winter. I don’t have cruise control, but heated mirrors go figure. This is the first car I’ve ever had with that feature but I got along just fine in the winter with every other car I had before that didn’t have them. If I had a car with heated seats and it quit working, I would be disappointed and I would want them fixed, but the OP’s post seemed to be saying that it was terrible to be in Boston in the winter without heated seats. I would guess that 80% of cars there don’t have heated seats of any kind and people do just fine. That was my point. I know leather is a little different than cloth and is colder, but I would rather sit on a cold leather seat than a hot vinyl seat any day!

I mean no offense in any way to the original poster or to you by saying this. It’s just not the end of the world to not have heated seats.

I Don’t Have Heated Seats Either, And They Are Leather. Cruise Control Is One Option That I Have To Have And It Must Work. I Passed Up An Otherwise Good Deal Because A Car Had No Cruise.

I consider cruise control to be not just a convenience item, but a safety item. Once set, I’m freed up to concentrate on the road and not half on the speedometer.

Now that we have DRLs with automatic headlights on three of our cars, I wouldn’t want to be without that, either. I do miss heated outside mirrors. I had them om my Intrepid.


its a 2004