Hot car battery II

well. It was a ‘marder’. weasel in English. Chewed threw the wires in the car, which helped to ‘fry’ my battery. Any anti weasel tips?

Shotgun, but reply in the same thread out of courtesy to those trying to help. People are posting answers to your other thread no knowing the problem was identified.

Bob cat urine?

See response in original thread.

Sorry, I was rushing to get to work, and didn’t realize I could repost the response there. And, again, thank you for all your tips.

I would hate to ride in a car that had any kind of cat urine sprayed under the hood!
Once the car warms up, I think that this would be just as unpleasant for the car’s occupants as it would be for the weasel.

Instead, I would recommend either sprinkling cayenne pepper under the hood or “painting” the wires with hot pepper sauce. Just be sure that cayenne pepper is not sprinkled near the air intake for the HVAC system.