Hooting Honda CR-V

I have a 2015 Honda CRV. Noticed the car started making a “hooting” sound. ( sounds like a owl) when accelerating from a stop, or sometimes turning. Took to dealer was told its the transmission and is normal for the type of trans I have. Told me to change Transmission fluid. Did this did not help. Anyone else having or have had this issue?

We have a '14 CRV with about 65K. This is not a sound we’ve had yet. You still within the warranty period/mileage?
Did the dealer have any response as to why this just started?
Start documenting everything if this might be a warranty issue.

I have 40k on the car. They claim that sound is not unusual for the type of transmission I have. Trans is under warranty until 50k. It has actually gotten worse since I had the transmission fluid changed. My hatch also will not open in the cold. I had the latch replaced last winter and low and behold it does not open again. When I asked for another latch they said I was out of warranty. My bumper to bumper expired. I find this odd as the first time they replaced the latch I was told it was an issue with the CRV. Now they want to charge me to replace the latch again. Thankfully winter is almost over so I did not get it fixed. I guess I paid 30k for a car that the hatch does not open in the cold.:rage: I plan in documenting all this and plan on taking the car back again. I don’t need to get 50001 miles And have to pay for a new transmission.
Thanks for your reply. So far this does not seem to be a common problem, unlike what the dealer told me

For the transmission, I think your next steps could be:
Moving your issue up the management chain. Try talking to the service manager first up through the corporate folks - you should have gotten a warranty info packet when you got the car that has the contact info for the corporate folks. A formal complaint to corporate may force the local dealer to take you a little more seriously.
You could take it to another dealer for a second opinion if it’s practical. If it’s tough to get to another dealer perhaps an independent mechanic. You could also see if someone you know has a similar vintage vehicle and would be willing to take you for a ride and see if theirs sounds the same.

For your latch problem, it seems like since it was “repaired” once during the warranty period you have a reasonable case to support it was not repaired correctly. Again, moving up the chain may be a reasonable move.


I will do that.
Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it