2006 honda CRV vibrations

Bought this CRV new 2 yrs. ago,just love it. We live in a Condo with under-ground parking. I notice now when I am backing out of the stall or driving into the stall that there is a small vibration as I am turning the wheel. The belt is tight as when new. I have the 4 wheel drive version.

You know how a bigger 4 wheel drive truck acts if you have it in 4 wheel drive & turn sharply, it sort of has to push the one wheel around which makes a kind of shudering sound. Mine feels a bit like that but not as pronounced. Could it be a front wheel sensor gone bad and is telling the rear axle to engage.Or could it be in the steering some-how? It drives excellent on the road. I know it is under warranty but just want to see if anyone has any idea what it may be. I was going to wait awhile longer till it got bad enough that the honda dealer can,t say it,s all in my mind.I only have 14000 miles on it. waiting for your replies. Bill

Take it to the dealer since your under warranty.

The likely cause is your rear differential may be low on fluid or defective. Its common on the higher mileage/older ones to have this issue corrected simply by replacing differential fluid.

I agree with Andrew. This is a known issue with CRVs, and the cure is to change the fluid in the rear differential. Be sure that the correct specification fluid is used, and the best way to ensure this is to take it to the dealer.