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Chyrsler transmissions

I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with the 4 speed auto–sometimes at highway speed the trany makes the regular trany noise but about 20-30 times as loud–it can continue all day or abruptly stop–may not happen again for 2-3 weeks–took it in to the dealer while still under warrenty and they had no answer–checked everything out but no answer–finally talked to a relative that does transmission work and say Chrysler trans are worthless and it is a pump line vent problem–great! now the warrenty is out-anyone had this proble amd what is the solution


You say you took it to the dealer while it was still under warranty. Do you still have the paperwork that describes the problem and asks them to fix it? If so, you’re still covered. If you tossed the papers, it may be difficult to prove that you complained about the problem while the car was still under warranty.

What Phil is talking about is called an “Ongoing Warranty Issue”.


Your relative probably puts Dexron and an additive in Chrysler transmissions and blames the subsequent failures on Chrysler’s design.

What do you mean by “regular trany noise”???